LunaTerra Trading Company

We are here to help you live more in tune with nature while inviting more beauty into your every day.

LunaTerra Trading Company offers carefully designed, created, and curated products to enable you to live a healthier, more nature-based life in mind, body and spirit so you can flow through life with intention.

If you’re looking for non-toxic, nature-friendly, and beautiful elements to bring the outside into your home and glow up naturally, welcome.

Shop our selection of all-natural and sensitive skin-friendly collections to stock up on all your beauty needs. And don’t miss our hand-selected collection of crystals, toxin-free bath products, and nature-inspired home goods to get back to nature and add more beauty and joy to your space.

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LunaTerra Trading Company was founded by CEO Kate Moore out of her love for home and desire to help others create more beautiful, nature-centric spaces.

Kate is passionate about holistic health, cleaning up the environment, and living in a natural rhythm with the Moon and Earth.

From there, LunaTerra was born.

Her personal desire to live a healthy, nature-filled life inspired her to develop and curate a collection of products to fill the home and nurture the body with the best of what nature has to offer.

Based in sunny Orlando, Florida, Kate lives with her husband Tim and cat Emma.