A Visualization For Clearing Thought Clutter To Hear Your Inner Voice

January 15, 2021
A Visualization For Clearing Thought Clutter To Hear Your Inner Voice

Tuning into our inner voices allows us to flow through life with more ease. The infinite wisdom of connection to Spirit and hearing through our inner beings is a guiding light when we’re feeling stuck or need clarity. However, forming that inner voice connection and being able to hear what it has to say to us can be challenging. Ego thoughts of the mind that run on autopilot can easily drown out that still, small voice. And let’s be real, the inner voice typically has far more useful things to say, so learning how to tune in is important!

If you’re struggling to quiet the mind and tune into your inner voice, breathwork coupled with visualization can be super helpful in shifting your focus.

The physical component that best allows the inner voice to come through is the breath. Focusing on your breathing — particularly the exhale — allows your thoughts to release. We tend to hold our thoughts and breath at the same time. So by exhaling with intention, it’s like blowing the ego thoughts away which allows the inner voice to shine through. With your exhale, release the physical tension in your body as well to move stagnant energy through your body instead of holding it. Hearing your inner voice doesn’t come through force, so clenching your body won’t help.

As you exhale, you can visualize your thoughts like mosquitos flying around your head in a cloud. Envision blowing them away with every exhale such that the cloud gets thinner and thinner until all the mosquitos (thoughts) are gone. Allow the thoughts to float away from you with your breath. The buzzing of your mind will get softer and quieter as the thoughts dissolve.

Once your inner voice is coming through, you might notice connection breaks as the mosquito-thought cloud returns. If the thoughts begin buzzing again, don’t judge the process or the mind. Simply exhale deeply (make noise if you have to!) and breathe the cloud away again.

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