“I Must Not Tell Lies.” America In Detention

January 17, 2021
“I must not tell lies.” America In Detention

Remember the Harry Potter book where the psycho government-instituted Professor Umbridge takes over Hogwarts and Harry ends up in detention? She makes him write over and over — in a rather grotesque way — one phrase: “I must not tell lies.” But here’s the thing… Harry hadn’t told a lie. He had told an inconvenient truth about the evil people running the show and threatened Umbridge’s false authority. But in true 1984 fashion, their strategy of beating down the opposition (Harry & Co.) was to rewrite the truth.

It’s fascinating how history repeats itself and reoccurring lessons show up in literature across genres and over time. I don’t know about you, but 2020 felt like detention with evil Professor Umbridge.

I must not tell lies.

“The data says C0VID-19 isn’t a danger to the masses.”

I must not tell lies.

“Lockdowns, masks, and isolation are an inappropriate response.”

I must not tell lies.

“Vaccines are toxic and never promote health.”

I must not tell lies.

“Our leaders and decision-making scientists are motivated by money, power, and personal gain.”

I must not tell lies.

I must not tell lies

Instead, those of us with scientific educations, personal experience, and common sense have been pushed into a corner. We’ve been told to sit down, repeat the talking points, and throw out anything that goes contrary to their playbook. Those of us who see what’s happening and recognize the potentially irreversible carnage to our loved ones and our country are placed into detention (or Facebook jail) and made to promise we “won’t tell lies” in order to escape the mark of exclusion.

What’s most disturbing, however, is not just the government changing the truth on us, but the enforcement of the citizens around us. Even those who I would expect to know better, see what’s happening, and stand their ground have put their heads in the sand. I don’t know if they are in denial, if they prefer security blankets (*cough*, masks) to the truth, or if they don’t want things to go back to normals because they prefer their cozy working from home life at whatever cost.

Sensible people have been so deeply riddled with fear that common sense has gone out the window, and we’re leaving our elderly alone for Christmas. It’s cruel foolishness.

How It Ends

What I want to remind you is how the story ended for Harry (and for Umbridge). It’s simple. The truth prevails, and Umbridge is ousted.

As a follower of Christ, I refuse to play a part in any lie being perpetrated throughout society, especially one that literally Satan worshipers are pushing. I refuse to offer security blankets to save people’s feelings. (Mind you Jesus was a pro at pissing people off. Security blankets were not His thing, either.) And I refuse to participate in the persecution (tattle-taling) of other truth-speakers around me.

Now more than ever, stand your ground. Stand for medical freedom, food freedom, and freedom of speech. If we give in to the lies now, there’s no going back. They can’t put us all in detention. It’s 10,000 to 330,000,000.

If you need any encouragement, keep in mind that it doesn’t take many to push back.

I do not consent!

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